Help Med Staff And The Economy

One Snack At A Time

Giving Back To The Community During COVID-19

How Can You Contribute?

1. Donate to our #SnacksForMedStaff GoFundMe campaign.

2. Share our campaign within your social network.

3. Recommend a Hospital for us to start helping.

4. Use hashtag #SnacksForMedStaff to help raise awareness and follow us on Instagram @SnacksForMedStaff.

Many medical staff are working overtime without enough protection equipment. Many local restaurants are struggling to keep doors open.

Join us to make a tangible difference for them during this difficult time!

Why Are We Raising Funds?

Our campaign has the dual goals of supporting small business owners and boosting the morale of medical staff who are treating COVID19 patients on the front lines. We use the funds to purchase food and energy drinks for medical staff and purchase them from small local businesses as they are at risk of shutdown due to quarantine guidelines in place.

How Do We Do It?

We have restaurant partners in most of our cities whom are small business owners that we team up with to serve medical staff their meals. We use the donation money and coordinate the schedules. In the Houston area, we have hired our MBA catering staff to do the deliveries themselves.

Current Global COVID‑19 Status

Dashboard courtesy of Johns Hopkins.

Selected Hospital Feedback

Houston Methodist image
Houston Methodist (Texas)

"They were very touched by your thoughtful donation and that it came at the perfect time of day when needed a pick me up. They also stated that getting those snacks let them know that others are thinking of them at this very difficult time and that really is a morale booster which is what they really need right now."

Long Island Jewish Medical Center image
Long Island Jewish Medical Center (New York)

"Thank you so much for the food and coffee! It really took our nurses by surprise and one of them teared up when she saw the notes along with the food delivery. We are working around the clock to treat a huge influx of patients every day and it is really nice to not have to worry about packing lunch."

DMC Sinai Grace image
DMC Sinai Grace Hospital (Michigan)

“That is so incredibly nice of you to send the food package! It makes us feel like we are not alone in this fight against COVID-19. Thank you so much!"

Lyndon B Johnson image
Lyndon B Johnson Hospital (Texas)

"Thank you all so much! We have been getting murdered at work everyday and little gestures like this mean so much to us. Thanks again. Stay safe and inside."

Ben Taub image
Ben Taub Hospital (Texas)

“I want to thank you for the lunch you provided the Baylor Anesthesia Department at Ben Taub yesterday. Gestures like this are heartwarming and I appreciate that you and others went to the effort to do this. I imagine you are busy people yet you found time to do this for us anyway. You and your colleagues are clearly generous people. Thank you so much for thinking of us."

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions not addressed here? Please contact us at

Yes! As long as you have a contact you can provide us with (so we can ensure the food / supplies get to the staff).
We send food daily to several hospitals on our list and rotate them each day to ensure everyone receives snacks. Each hospital is receiving roughly one delivery a week. We would LOVE to send it 2 or even 3 times a week and will be able to if we can increase our donations.
Of course! Just keep in mind, we will need them to be within the vicinity of the hospital and they need to be accessible via DoorDash or a local delivery partner. In the Houston area, we've partnered with Elite Events Houston, which is a small catering business.

If your recommendation is not accessible by a delivery partner and you are passionate about giving them business, you can reach out to us directly and we can set something up as long as you’re willing to be the food delivery volunteer.

Share our GoFundMe and hashtag #SnacksForMedStaff on your social media, with friends, and with family. The more people who know, the more good we can do.

We are a registered non-profit organization in the State of Texas. If you need more information on this piece, simply email us at

Please let us know via a post to our GoFundMe page or you can email us at and we will honor your request. The only condition is if you request a hospital that is not one we currently serve, we will need you to provide us with a contact.